Covid-19: Why does Corona end up tasting and smelling? Know what these signs indicate

After the second mutation of corona, many new symptoms are now seen in patients. However, a lot of people are still having problems of sudden taste and smell. Although there is less taste and smell even when there is flu, it is completely different from those infected with corona. The corona patients stop coming to a sudden halt. The corona patient does not smell or taste at all. However, if you have these symptoms for a long time, it can also be quite severe. & Nbsp;

Difference in taste and smell in corona and flu & nbsp;
In the case of colds or flu, about 60% of the people lose their sense of smell. It also affects the taste of many people. But in this you can smell the strong smelling thing. At the same time, this is not happening to the patients of Corona. If you smell them, then no matter how sharp the smell of them is placed in front of them. These are the initial symptoms of corona.

Why does smelling and taste loss go away?
Different studies about the taste and smell in the corona vary. -Different information has been revealed. Experts say that the corona virus affects the nervous system, due to which the ability to taste and smell is lost. According to the Mucus Protein Theory, when the corona virus tries to enter our body, it attaches to a protein called ACE2 in the cells of the host cell. This protein is found very much in the mouth and nose. In this case, the virus attacks it and both the taste buds go away. Many research has also revealed that this virus attacks the nervous system which does not cause smell and taste. & Nbsp;

Even the symptoms of corona milding & nbsp; >
In Italy, France, Belgium, a study was conducted on 2581 patients, which showed that 86 percent of those who live in corona mild state have reported taste and smell problems. Only 4 to 7 percent of people with severe or moderate symptoms have symptoms of taste and smell. Therefore it is considered a mild symptom of corona. Patients recover the taste and smell after recovery. & Nbsp;

When is it dangerous to smell or taste? & Nbsp;
It does not hurt. , But some people do not feel like eating and drinking because of this problem. Many people also find it difficult to differentiate between good and bad food. In such a situation, there is also a need to be careful. You may also get into trouble as if you will not smell the gas even if there is a leakage problem. It can also have psychological effects. & Nbsp;

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