Covid-19: Why ‘double pneumonia’ is happening in Corona period, know the symptoms and prevention

The second wave of corona is spreading rapidly in India. Even after being alert people, the corona is affecting them. The number of people dying in the second wave is increasing everyday. A big reason for this is that the corona is leaving its impact on the langs of the infected persons. Many patients have both langs affected due to corona virus. This problem is called Double Pneumonia. That is, it affects both the patient’s langs. Know what is double pneumonia and how it is affecting the patients of Corona.

Why are corona patients having double pneumonia?
Doctors say that only 1 lung was infected with pneumonia. In this, the virus used to go into the body and affect any part of the langs. But both the langs of the patient are being affected in Kovid. The doctor says that the langs are not affected by the corona virus, rather the virus causes immune response inside the body. Which is also affecting our langs with the virus. This immune response can affect any part of our body. In simple language, it is only the antibodies of our body that affect the langs. In medicine, it is called cytochrome storm and in general, double pneumonia.

What are the symptoms of double pneumonia & nbsp;
Chest pain
Shortness of breath
Low oxygen level
Conjunction < br /> fever
increased breathing rate
body fatigue

How dangerous is double pneumonia?
According to doctors, 99 percent of the deaths in Corona are due to langs being affected. In which more than 10 percent of the patients have died due to double pneumonia. Although it cannot be said that if you have double pneumonia then you cannot recover, but if you have any kind of problem, contact the doctor immediately.

How and when can you treat double pneumonia at home?
1. If your langs were not affected much.
2. If your oxygen level is correct.
3. Not coughing too much and fever is less.
4. If you are not breathing, you can get treatment at home.
5. Double pneumonia patients are advised to do prone exercises to keep the langs healthy.

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