Covid-19: why is the transmission of the virus by surfaces overestimated?

DECRYPTION – Researchers find that excessive attention has been paid to this mode of transmission to the detriment of another, undervalued risk.

In the fight against the spread of Sars-CoV-2, are we really fighting with the right weapons? From the start of the pandemic, priority was given to the disinfection of potentially contaminated surfaces – such as doorknobs or elevator buttons -, still considered one of the main routes of transmission of the virus by the WHO. Today, however, researchers believe that excessive attention is paid to this mode of transmission to the detriment of an undervalued risk: the spread of Covid-19 by air. Whether it’s through the droplets we expel when we cough, or through aerosols, these lighter particles that we emit just by breathing, and that stay in suspension for longer.

However, our knowledge of the virus is evolving and it has been several months since the American health authorities modified their recommendations: they now indicate that transmission by surfaces “Is not considered as

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