Covid-19: will the fourth wave in France look like the previous ones?

FIG DATA – While France is faced with a little more each day the threat of the Delta variant and the implementation of the health pass, graphical feedback on the four epidemic waves.

The journalist of Financial Times, John Burn-Murdoch, at the forefront of analysis on Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic, recently published a graph that has caused a lot of talk.

Country by country, it superimposed the evolution of daily cases and deaths over a year, highlighting the recent drop in the number of deaths for countries with a high vaccination rate. Conversely, the countries less advanced in this process still show a mirror effect between these two indicators throughout the period analyzed.

Note that to obtain this effect, he adjusted the dates of the daily cases, so as to compensate for the delay of two weeks that is generally observed between a peak in the number of people affected by Covid-19 and a peak deaths.

The success of this graphic has been overwhelming. It was subsequently picked up in many media. We offer you here a detailed version specific to France, in order to compare the four epidemic waves.

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