Covid-19: will the new measures be sufficient to avoid stricter containment?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – While the epidemic is on an exponential trajectory, the government has announced new measures while backpedaling on the word containment. Will this non-containment be the last?

THE QUESTION. To manage an epidemic, there are only three solutions. The first is eradication. This so-called zero-Covid strategy is implemented in some countries in Asia and Oceania, but has never been seriously considered in Europe. The second is to wait for group immunity and let the virus circulate, which with a disease like Covid is extraordinarily costly in human lives and leads to overheating of the healthcare system. The third, mitigation, consists of limiting the effects of contamination to absorb the same number of patients over a longer period. This is the choice made by France, alternating periods of confinement and curfew without having yet been able to regain the quality of life before the pandemic.

Measures which until then were sufficient to keep the epidemic on a high plateau, but which fail to curb the new, more contagious variants. Faced with the resurgence of contaminations, the braking measures put in place in 16 departments since March 20 will not upset the daily life of the inhabitants. If the word confinement was mentioned, the term is now rejected by the Head of State. “Whatever the word, what must be understood is that we must all be responsible and mobilize, he justified. PFor it to work, we all need to get on board. ” This “reinforced braking»Will it be enough?

CHECKS. The places of contamination are now very limited,

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