Covid-19: Would expanding vaccination now penalize priority people?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – Thousands of vaccination slots do not find takers. However, opening up to those under 55 remains excluded for the moment in order to prioritize the elderly, in particular. Are the two really incompatible?

THE QUESTION. “If you give someone a piece of the pie, the rest goes down to others.” Asked Wednesday April 28 on Europe 1 as to a possible expansion of vaccination, Alain Fischer has for the moment excluded a general public vaccination in view of the number of available doses. But there remain, on Doctolib, desperately empty time slots for making appointments for vaccination. Thousands of niches that cannot find takers and continue to ask questions.

“At the same number of doses, if we opened up to the first comer, a priority person would not be vaccinated today, but in a month”, justifies Alain Fischer, reaffirming that the priority to date remained the elderly and vulnerable. “There is no significant waste of doses”, he assures. These are already paid locally according to waiting lists of volunteers. Extending vaccination to people under 55 as of now would necessarily penalize that of people

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