Covid-19: Wuhan’s P4 laboratory returns to the heart of the controversy

DECRYPTION – The laboratory gradually escaped the control of French scientists who were to supervise the work of Chinese researchers.

Long dismissed by the WHO who judged her “Highly unlikely”, stifled by the Chinese authorities who tried to rewrite the history of the pandemic, served, see discredited by the fact that it was defended by the Trump Administration, the hypothesis of a laboratory accident resurfaces. France is all the more concerned since it was she who exported the P4 from Wuhan, a laboratory of very high biological security, intended for the study of the most dangerous pathogenic viruses. A jewel of French technology, which we usually reserve for our friends.

From the start, this very sensitive cooperation with the Chinese authorities has created tensions in France. It was in 2004 that Jacques Chirac and Chinese President Hu Jintao decided on cooperation aimed at fighting emerging infectious diseases. A year earlier, China had suffered greatly from SARS, the severe acute respiratory syndrome. “Some thought that it was absolutely necessary to help the Chinese

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