Covid: abroad, is the third confinement effective?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – The United Kingdom, Portugal, Ireland but also Lebanon and Israel have chosen this radical solution to stem the epidemic.

THE QUESTION. The curfew at 6 p.m. is not sufficiently effective, admitted Wednesday the executive which recognizes that a third confinement is part of “the scenarios on the table”. Elsewhere than in France, such a decision has already been taken in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal or, outside Europe, in Lebanon and in Israel.

Unlike the hexagon which currently remains on a “high ascending plateau(According to the expression of the government itself), these countries have been facing a new epidemic wave since December. In these countries, is the third confinement bearing fruit?

CHECKS. And let’s start with the United Kingdom, European country most affected by the epidemic in absolute value since the threshold of 100,000 deaths was crossed there this week. What is called in France the “second wave»(In November) was quite limited across the Channel. The peak took place on November 16 with 374 new contaminations per million inhabitants (against a peak of 861 on November 3 for France). There followed a decrease, very temporary, since, from December 8, the epidemic started again at an exponential rate, accelerated

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