Covid: is wastewater a good indicator for monitoring the epidemic?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – It is an increasingly popular tool for understanding the epidemic dynamics. Can we trust him?

THE QUESTION. To justify the government’s decision not to set up new containment, Olivier Véran relied on several classic indicators (number of new daily cases, number of intensive care admissions, etc.) but also on the virus concentration in the water used, down in Île-de-France.

Several scientists, including Karine Lacombe, head of the infectious disease department of Saint-Antoine hospital, on the LCI plateau, however warned: “It is an indicator which is very interesting but it is an indicator which is nonetheless rude. It does not make it possible to know exactly where the epidemic has slowed down, where the epidemic has resumed.What is it really? Is wastewater analysis a good indicator for epidemic monitoring?

CHECKS. Monitoring of viral traces in wastewater is a technique already used in

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