Covid: the third-dose vaccine campaign is frankly accelerating

The Ministry of Health assures that there will be no shortage of doses, thanks to large reserves of Moderna’s vaccine.

Relaunched by the decision of the Minister of Health to include the third dose in the health pass, but also by the threat of the Omicron variant, the vaccine campaign has moved up a gear. According to the Directorate General of Health, 9.2 million people have now received a third dose (80% of over 65s are protected). A daily record of more than 550,000 booster injections was reached on Thursday. At a press conference, the ministry said it had “Good hope” reach the milestone of 10 million people fully vaccinated by the end of the week, a priori Saturday.

This rush prompted the ministry to reactivate the skip-the-line number reserved for people over the age of 65 (0800 730 956), who must be protected as a priority. They will find help there to book an appointment online. Health professionals working in cities will also be made aware of the importance of targeting this fragile public.

To meet this exceptional demand, the ministry ensures that it has “Necessary doses”. “There will be no shortage of vaccines”, indicates the cell dedicated to the vaccination campaign. On the condition of not depriving yourself of the Moderna vaccine, the doses of which, delivered late, make up the majority of stocks.

To protect yourself massively and as quickly as possible, the issue is not to choose a particular vaccine.

Directorate General of Health

The booster injection can in fact be carried out indifferently with one or the other of the RNA vaccines, regardless of the initial vaccination schedule. Both products have shown very good efficacy to relaunch protection against infection and against severe forms ”, underlines the immunologist Alain Fischer, president of the Council of orientation of the vaccine strategy. The efficiency would even be slightly higher with Moderna: therefore its use is encouraged in those over 30, in particular the most fragile among them.

“To protect yourself massively and as quickly as possible, the challenge is not to choose a particular vaccine, but to have a booster”, the ministry said, while the French seem more attracted to the Comirnaty vaccine marketed by Pfizer. In the coming weeks, the vaccination centers will have to massively use Moderna for their new appointments. For logistical reasons, part of the doses ordered in Pfizer by city medicine (800,000) will be replaced by Moderna to be delivered before December 14.

Last encouraging signal, around 30,000 people receive their first injection each day. France now has 52 million first-time vaccines. But there are still 6 million unvaccinated. Half of them are vulnerable.

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