Covid: will the vaccines be effective against the British and South African variants?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – Covid vaccines have not been developed from these two mutations, which are of great concern today.

THE QUESTION. According to the result of work communicated this Friday by the BioNTech laboratory, the vaccine developed in collaboration with Pfizer would be effective against a “key mutationBritish and South African variants of the coronavirus. Does this mean that the vaccine will be effective against these variants, as we have read everywhere in the press?

CHECKS. It is not at all certain at the moment. The BioNTech laboratory refers to this study, pre-published Thursday evening on the bioRxiv site. These are analyzes in vitro on the effectiveness of antibodies developed by vaccinated patients against a virus mutation called N501Y. This is shared by the British and South African variants and is located on the surface protein of the virus, also called spicule. However, all the vaccines that arrive on the market target these small spikes which ruffle the surface of the virus. In addition, this mutation is located in a key area which serves as a point of contact.

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