Crack consumption rooms: “In reality, we have no other solutions,” says Anne Souyris, deputy mayor of Paris

“In reality, we have no other solutions”, estimated on franceinfo Anne Souyris, deputy mayor of Paris in charge of public health and relations with the AP-HP, while several groups of residents demonstrated Saturday, October 2, Place Stalingrad, in a district where the crack cocaine use has been disrupting daily life for several years. The 200 or so demonstrators mobilized against the consumption of crack and against the consumption rooms.

“We made a crack plan which solved a number of hosting problems, but which did not solve the problem of public space”, says Anne Souyris. “When the residents don’t want consumption rooms, I also think that there are also a lot of misunderstandings. Because the reality is that when the Swiss did it 30 years ago, it resolved the problem of public space and public security. “

“When a large consumer does not want to be accommodated because he does not want to be far from where he is buying his product, the only way to start bringing him into a care process is to accompany him in this consumption in a supervised and medicalized manner. “

Anne Souyris, deputy at the City of Paris

to franceinfo

Consumption rooms are a good thing, she says “for consumers because they are starting a care process. And this is good for residents, because consumption no longer takes place in the street. In reality, we have no other solutions.” The deputy mayor of Paris recalled that “what we want to do are not strictly speaking rooms for consumption, but they are integrated spaces, with accommodation, a rest room and a space dedicated to consumption, which is supervised. which was done in Strasbourg and it works well. “

Anne Souyris believes that there are many safer drug consumption rooms “totally insufficient” : “For now, we only have two in France [une à Paris et l’autre à Strasbourg]. In Berlin, there are 20! We are completely below what it should be. There we have 400 people who go to the SCMR of the 10th arrondissement, while there should be rooms all over the territory concerned, so that no one stays outside. “

“We should also have much greater resources from the Ministry of Health which allow us to operate 24 hours a day. When you only open eight hours a day, the person who arrives and who is found at the closed door, she’s going to eat outside “, pleads the Parisian assistant.

“We can’t say that there are more and more crack users in Paris, concludes Anne Souyris. There are about 150 consumers in the street now, there have been times when they were 500 or 700. I think that the whole strategy that we have had with the crack plan since 2019 has allowed us to relax a little bit the atmosphere. But it’s still too much. “

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