Crack users at Porte de la Villette should soon be moved

Dominique Gamard fulminates. This resident of eastern Paris lives 300 meters from the place where on September 24, 2021, by order of the Ministry of the Interior, some 150 crack users and dealers, previously established rue Riquet, were moved to Porte de La Villette. Gérald Darmanin had indicated that this solution could not “last only a few hours or a few days”. And yet, “four months later, they are still there, and it’s getting worse and worse”, observes this local resident, member of the Collectif 93 Anti-crack, which is organizing yet another mobilization on January 24 to ask the public authorities: “Treat them, protect us”.

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“These people live in the mud, some have bloody feet. There was a young woman who died in the camp from an overdose, and a man who was stabbed, she says. And then for the inhabitants, it is very complicated. There are thefts, some get on their knees or insult us for a room. Car parks and halls of buildings find themselves squatted. And almost every day the metro line 7 is blocked because they go on the tracks. »

A new place far from the sought-after dwellings… in Paris

Monday, January 24, the police headquarters requisitioned the staff of the town hall of Paris to proceed with the dismantling of the makeshift huts built by the crackers, obstacles according to it to the intervention of the police. But this operation did not result in any evacuation or support. However, as of September 15, Prime Minister Jean Castex gave the green light to the creation of four “addiction care stops”, places providing for the possibility of consuming on the spot wanted by the town hall of Paris.

But he had also vetoed the most advanced project, that of the 20th arrondissement, which had just been the subject of a bronca from the neighbors. ” Since, explains Anne Souyris, health assistant at the town hall of Paris, we are still waiting for the application decree which will allow us to specify the specifications for these places. “The town hall did not make any concrete proposal for places”, we answer on the state side.

State services are looking for a new place to move crack users from the north of Paris. A letter to this effect must be sent on January 24 by the prefect of police Didier Lallement to the town hall of Paris. “I decided to look for land that is not part of the public space”, writes the prefect, who however asks the town hall to make proposals to him. This land, which would therefore not be a care building, would meet two criteria: “It must be clearly removed from any residential area” and it must be accessible so that“social and medical support can be installed”. “Prospecting is done in Paris”, specifies our source, who adds that the announcement of the place itself will be made at “quick deadline”.


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