Crisis in Ukraine: Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin warn to avoid escalation

The US and Russian heads of state chatted on the phone for about 50 minutes Thursday evening. Vladimir Poutine judges that Washington’s sanctions would be a “colossal error” in the Ukrainian dossier, while Joe Biden insisted on showing his firmness vis-à-vis the Kremlin.

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A long awaited call. Joe Biden and Vladimir Poutine concluded Thursday, December 30 a high-stakes interview, intended to make prevail the diplomatic way to get out of the crisis generated by the threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. The head of the Kremlin said to himself “satisfied” of this conversation of about fifty minutes, “serious and concrete”, according to an official of the American administration.

The two leaders praised the diplomatic route out of the crisis generated by the threat of a Russian invasion. But any diplomatic progress will first and foremost require a “de-escalation” in Ukraine, warned the American leader. Washington will respond to “resolute way” to any Russian invasion of Ukraine, he told his Russian counterpart but without further clarification, according to a statement from White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

For its part, the Kremlin demanded “results” on his requests for “guarantees” security: the negotiation of two treaties redefining the security balance and architecture of Europe which will soon be discussed during Russian-American talks on January 10 in Geneva. For Moscow, Russia’s security requires the prohibition of any NATO expansion, perceived as an existential threat, and the end of Western military activities near Russian borders, an area it considers to fall within its area. influence.

Meeting these demands is the only way to contain the escalation of tensions, believes Moscow, which particularly considers the support of the United States, NATO and the European Union to Ukraine as a direct threat to its security and interests. The United States, accused of leading certain international issues without too much regard for its allies, insists precisely on close coordination with the Europeans and the Ukrainians.

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