Critical mind

Sometimes it’s like a reflex, you really want to turn off the info tap. We have a feeling that this is almost a question of survival, of mental health. Yes, it’s a journalist, passionate about current affairs, who tells you. We predict that too much is too much; we are suffocating. Overdose of bad tension, hypnosis of false debates, addiction to endless speculations. One week the vaccine was developed too quickly and “It’s really fishy”. The next one is a “Real scandal” to vaccinate so slowly. One quarter the pangolin, another the bat. One month the British example, the other the English berezina. One day Trump, the next Trump. And so what?

“Let’s get our spirits back. It’s now or never “, says Gérald Bronner in this issue. In his new book, Cognitive apocalypse, the sociologist analyzes how screens capture our attention. We understand the mechanisms that grab us, leaving us unable to resist contamination by nonsense and seduction by unprecedented pseudo-revelations. However, reacting is possible, cultivating our critical thinking is our lifeline.

And to sharpen this critical mind, there’s nothing like taking a step back. Historical hindsight, for example. Thus, entering the history of the assassination of Patrice Lumumba and the fight of his children for his memory allows to see differently the always complex relations between descendants of the colonizers and heirs of the colonized. Informative, and certainly more constructive than jingling with reciprocal condemnations. Our meeting with the new head of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office for the fight against fraud was also eloquent: Laura Kövesi’s courage and high standards arouse admiration. Thank you, Madame, for showing us that democracy requires our firm and quiet determination. As individuals and as citizens, we obviously have better things to do than wake up in the morning and ask ourselves what the hysteria of the day is. While some maintain sterile agitations, others roll up their sleeves. And just by becoming aware of these positive energies, we already breathe much better.


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