Curfew in five departments of the Grand Est: “It is absolutely necessary”, according to the president of the region Jean Rottner

Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on Thursday October 22 additional measures to try to stem the Covid-19 epidemic. The most emblematic is the application of the curfew in 38 additional departments, including five in the Grand Est region (Aube, Marne, Ardennes, Bas-Rhin and Meurthe-et-Moselle). “These measures must be taken to slow down, to slow down, to reduce this epidemic”, said Jean Rottner, the president of the region on Friday on franceinfo. “It is absolutely necessary”, he added.

While the region was until then rather untouched by the second wave, “the figures are relentless and we see them progressing now for a few weeks “, explained Jean Rottner. The situation is getting worse “in large metropolises like Reims, like Strasbourg, but also a number of more rural areas like the Ardennes”.

“We have been particularly protected since the ascent”, acknowledges Jean Rottner who attributes this slower rise in the epidemic in his region to the heavy price paid last March. “In Alsace and Moselle, people still remember the noise of helicopters. Each of us has lost someone, a loved one, a colleague, continues the president of the region. And so, the measurements were particularly observed. In the west of the region, on the Champagne side, there may also be back and forth phenomena with the Paris region, also of student concentration, which means that today, we are paying the price. . “

Even if the situation is less worrying in the countryside, Jean Rottner estimated that “it’s a collective effort” and “that we should not ask ourselves the question of where we are”. He invited his constituents to accept the new rules such as the curfew : “Let’s not be too Gallic, let’s accept it! Let’s remain very humble because this epidemic, this disease today, we cannot control it.”

Jean Rottner was optimistic about the ability of hospitals in the Grand Est to cope in the short term: “Services throughout the region today are not yet particularly strained, but we just have to prepare for it”, he warned. “In 15 days, three weeks, I think there will start to be a hospital thrill and it is the intensive care unit which should start to be a little more busy than at present”.

Jean Rottner, doctor by profession, lamented that we “already run a little bit behind” the virus, “Maybe out of smugness. Maybe because this summer things got slack for a lot of us. Maybe we collectively should have been more responsible,” he concluded.

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