Cut in half

Yesterday morning, the radio woke me up with this formula in the form of a post-election diagnosis: “France is cut in two. » Hey, I said to myself, this reminds me of the cover of The Cross The Weekly last week, a drawing of France cut in half. Exactly the same as that of Telerama the same week. Except that, oddly, for The Cross The Weekly France is cut in half lengthwise. And for Telerama, in the direction of the width. East versus West or North versus South? Perhaps, finally, it is cut in four. Suddenly the slogan of Coluche’s campaign came back to me when he ran for president in 1981: ” France iscut in two. With me, she will be bent over backwards. » In the end, as we remember, it was Coluche who had to bend his saplings. In any case, it proves that the cut of France in two does not date from yesterday. Nor the day before yesterday. 1981 is a long time ago. I was there in my reflections when, continuing to listen to the radio, I realized that it was in fact the weather report: good weather in the North, bad weather in the South (for a change). The weather knows better than anyone how to cut France in two. We can even say that she loves it. Except that he also happens to announce, with the sun in his eyes: good weather all over France. I’m waiting for the day when the political bulletin will announce: good weather all over France. In my opinion, tomorrow is not the day before.


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