Daan Awadh Puri is very holy, salutations to the river Srisaryu, which destroys the sins of Kali Yuga.

Motivational Quotes, Chaupai, ramcharitmanas : Tulsidas ji has worshiped everyone in the Balkand. Awadh, along with Saints, Asant, Khal, etc., worship Shri Dasaratha, the father of Shri Ram. Pray to get the blessings of Shri Ram.

Daman Awadh Puri is very holy.
Sarju sari kali kalush nasavani..
Pranavam pur nar naari bahori.
Mamta on whom the Lord did not give.

Tulsi Das ji says that I worship the very holy Shri Ayodhyapuri and Shrisaryu river, which destroys the sins of Kali Yuga. Then I bow to those men and women of Awadhpuri on whom the love of Lord Shri Ramchandra ji is very much.

Say blasphemy agh ogh nasaye.
Make folk bisok and settle down.
Bandaun Kausalya Disi Prachi.
Keerati Jasu Sakal Jag Machi.

He destroyed the sins of the washerman and his supporters who had denounced Sita ji and made them mourn-free and settled them in his world. I worship the eastern direction of Kausalya, whose fame is spreading in the whole world.

Pragteu Jahan Raghupati Sasi Charu.
Biswa Sukhad Khal Kamal Tusaru.
All the queens including Dasaratha Rau.
Sukrit Sumangal accepted the idol.
I will thank you.
Karhu kripa sut sevak janani.
Those who are very scared.
Mahima period Ram Pitu Mata.

Where the beautiful moon of Shri Ramchandra ji appeared from the east like Kausalya, giving happiness to the world and wicked lotus like frost. Considering King Dashrath ji as an idol of virtue and beautiful welfare along with all the queens, I bow with my mind, word and deed. Knowing his son’s servant, please bless me, whom Brahma ji created by creating magnificence and who, being the mother and father of Shri Ram ji, is the limit of glory.

So 0…

Bandun Awadh Bhual Satya Prem Jehi Ram Pad Om.
Bichurat Deendayal Dear Tanu Trin Eve Parihreu ..

I bow to the King of Awadh, Shridasaratha ji, who had true love at the feet of Shri Ramji, who left his beloved body like a small straw as soon as the Deendayalu Prabhu got separated.

Bhaniti Mori sive grace, removes the deceit and is beneficial in Ramcharitmanas

So na hoi binu bimal mati mohi mati force ati thor, even enemies leave enmity and listen to the praise of Ramcharit


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