Dance Deewane 3: Piyush Gurbhele and Rupesh Soni won the trophy, took home so much cash prize

‘Dance Deewane 3’ has got its winner. Piyush Gurbhele and Rupesh Soni have won the trophy after winning the trophy. He has also received Rs 40 lakh cash along with the trophy. Madhuri Dixit, Tusshar Kalia and Dharmesh Yelande were judging ‘Dance Deewane’ 3. The pair of Piyush Gurbhale and Rupesh Soni won the hearts of the judges with their every performance.

There was competition between these pairs
The top six finalist pairs competed in the grand finale. These jodis included Sohail Khan and Vishal Sonkar, Gunjan Sinha and Sagar Bora, Aman Kumar Raj and Yogesh Sharma, Somansh Dangwal and Akash Thapa, Piyush Gurbhele and Rupesh Soni, Soochna Chorj and Vaishnavi Patil.

Piyush thanks everyone
After winning ‘Dance Deewane 3’, Piyush said, ‘I am excited, happy that many emotions are going on which I am unable to express. It’s like a dream for me and I can’t have words to thank the judges Madhuri ma’am, Tusshar sir, Dharmesh sir. Everyone who supported me and Rupesh in our journey. I would also like to thank the viewers who supported us and showed faith in our art.

Rupesh told big victory
Rupesh Soni said, ‘This is a big win for me and my partner Piyush. It was a wonderful journey to perform in front of famous celebrities who helped and guide us throughout. This show has opened many doors for us to make a successful career in this field.


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