Death of Clément Méric: two ex-skinheads sentenced to 8 and 5 years in prison on appeal

The sentences handed down are less severe than at first instance.

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The Essonne Assize Court on Friday, June 4, on appeal sentenced two former skinheads to eight and five years’ imprisonment for the death of anti-fascist activist Clément Méric. The latter was killed during a brawl in Paris in 2013. The sentences handed down are less severe than at first instance where they

Esteban Morillo, 28, who admitted to being the author of the fatal blows, was sentenced to eight years in prison, against 11 at first instance. Samuel Dufour, 27, was sentenced to five years. The two men greeted the verdict calmly. “You will be taken back to the remand center”, underlined the president of the Assize Court Thierry Fusina, specifying that the motivation sheet explaining the choice of the court will be communicated on Monday.

On June 5, 2013, Clément Méric, an 18-year-old student and anti-fascist activist, collapsed on the asphalt in the middle of Paris, during a violent and brief brawl between far-left activists and far-right skinheads, on the sidelines a private sale of clothing.

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