Death of Tony: thirty years of imprisonment required against his stepfather, five years including one suspended against his mother

The Reims prosecutor’s office requested, Friday, February 5, thirty years of criminal imprisonment against the father-in-law, described as “killer”, of Tony and five years of imprisonment, one of which was suspended for the mother, in silence “partner in crime”. Loïc Vantal admitted that the 3-year-old boy had died under his blows in November 2016. Over the three months of the couple’s cohabitation, “the apartment has become a slaughterhouse”, launched in front of the Assizes of Marne the Advocate General Matthieu Bourrette, who accompanied the sentence of Loïc Vantal of 15 years of safety.

According to him, the beatings to which Tony succumbed after bursting his spleen and pancreas were driven by a “free nastiness” associated with “egocentricity”. “It’s the presence of Tony in the couple that poses the problem. His face, his existence becomes unbearable to [Loïc] Door leaf “, estimated the magistrate. The accused, 28, already has seven convictions for violence to his credit. After a difficult childhood marked by the violence of his own father, he “still has steps to take on the feeling of guilt”, said the Advocate General.

Thursday, Loïc Vantal recognized the avalanches of blows, declaring: “I couldn’t stop typing”. He also admitted to causing the death of the child, but claimed he did not. “voluntarily”. Within the duo, without training or employment, “Vantal is not the only person responsible. Caroline Létoile needed the silence he needed”, the “silence of a mother who ended up making so much noise”, launched the Advocate General.

While the young woman had pleaded the “fear” of her companion, in a confused attempt to justify her passivity, the Advocate General ruled that she had closed her eyes by “fear of the consequences for herself and for Vantal”. The verdict is expected Friday evening.

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