Death of Yvan Colonna: a Corsican separatist arrested in Paris for having organized an undeclared demonstration

The man was taken into police custody for a few hours on Sunday after organizing a rally in Place de la République in Paris.

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A Corsican separatist was arrested in Paris and placed in police custody for a few hours on Sunday March 27 for having organized a demonstration in tribute to Yvan Colonna without having declared it, franceinfo learned from the Paris prosecutor’s office on Monday. This man, Dan Lodi, organized the gathering of a handful of people on the Place de la République, Sunday noon, in front of a banner written in Corsican calling for “justice” for Yvan Colonna.

He posted a video of his arrest on his Facebook account. The images show about fifteen police officers from the motorized violent action repression brigade, all dressed in black, with helmets and shields, walking towards the separatist and calmly arresting him. He immediately raises his arms and allows himself to be stopped.

Dan Lodi is summoned to appear with a prior admission of guilt on September 6, the prosecution said. The separatist shared this summons on his Facebook account. On this official document, he crossed out the nationality “French” to write by hand “Corsica” and replaced the mention “retirement” by “always at war”.

On Sunday, several hundred people gathered in Corsica in front of two barracks, in Ajaccio and near Bastia. They accuse the CRS of having celebrated the funeral of Yvan Colonna by singing The Marseillaise last Friday.

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