Deconfinement: curfew time, gauges, gyms, sanitary pass … What changes from Wednesday June 9

The end of the curfew is approaching. From Wednesday, June 9, it is postponed to 11 p.m., offering two more hours on the terrace. Other good news from this third and penultimate stage of deconfinement: the reopening of sports halls and indoor swimming pools.

This new step marks the return of greater freedom of movement, in particular with the widening of gauges in stores. Nevertheless, closed places (such as bars) or large gatherings remain under surveillance thanks to two tools: the digital reminder book and the health pass. They are part, with the vaccine campaign, of the means to fight against the spread of Covid-19.

Franceinfo takes stock of everything that changes on June 9.

Curfew pushed back to 11 p.m.

A little more patience and the curfew will be a distant memory. In the meantime, from Wednesday, it goes to 11 p.m., as the government recalls in its calendar. Enough to stroll a few more hours, on June 21, at the Fête de la Musique, which will end at 11 p.m. but will not require a health pass. If all health indicators remain green, the curfew will end on June 30.

The end of 100% teleworking

From Wednesday, complete the 100% teleworking. In In consultation with the social partners, the rules are relaxed, allowing a gradual return to the office. If each company is free in the choice of the minimum number of days teleworked, barrier gestures are still required in the offices. As for the “pots”, suspended since October, they will also be able to resume, but if possible outside, said the Ministry of Labor.

Resumption of dining room service for bars and restaurants and lightening of gauges in shops

The queue in front of the entrance to the shops should be shorter. The gauges in the shops are reduced from eight to four square meters per customer.

As for the capacity of the terraces, it goes to 100% but still with a maximum of six people per table. If it rains, you can always take shelter in the room of your restaurant or your favorite bar because they will be able to accommodate customers inside at 50% of their capacity, always within the limit of six people per table.

The reopening of sports halls and indoor swimming pools

Sneakers and swimsuits will be able to be taken out of the closet. Gyms, sports halls and the indoor swimming pools, closed since October, will once again welcome the public, with a gauge of 50% of their maximum capacity. Fans of contact sports will have to wait a little longer.

As for outdoor sports activities, they will be possible up to a limit of 25 people, including contact sports. Sports establishments that have an exterior, including stadiums, will be able to accommodate all practitioners, even those of contact sports.

As for the spectators, they will be able to come and encourage the sportsmen, whether indoors or outdoors, within the limit of 65% of the gauge and within the limit of 5,000 seated people. The pass health will be required beyond 1,000 people. As for outdoor sports competitions for amateur practitioners, they will be limited to 500 participants.

The reminder book set up in restaurants, bars and sports halls

You may have already left your contact details at the entrance of a restaurant, during the deconfinement of summer 2020. From Wednesday, you will be systematically invited to do so as soon as you enter a bar, a restaurant or a room. sports, in order to be warned in the event of exposure to Covid-19. You can either fill in a reminder book with your contact details, or scan the QR code of the place with the TousAntiCovid application. The latter solution guarantees data protection, assured Cédric O, Secretary of State for Digital Transition and Electronic Communications.

If during your stay in the restaurant, bar or gym, you have been in contact with a positive person who has declared themselves in the TousAntiCovid application, you will then receive an orange or red alert. The first means that at least one contagious and positive person was in the same place during the same time slot as you and the app will invite you to go for testing, limit your contacts and watch for possible symptoms. The second is sent if a cluster was detected where you were. You will then be invited to isolate yourself and get tested immediately.

The health pass launched

This is the novelty of this third stage of deconfinement. A health pass will be required to participate in large gatherings of more than 1,000 people, such as festivals, sporting events or trade fairs, as well as for travel. You will not be asked for it during your activities of daily living or when you go to a restaurant or a cinema.

Available via the TousAntiCovid application, it will bring together your test results or your vaccination certificate. Remember that to be effective, your vaccination must be complete, either two weeks after the second injection for double injection vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca), four weeks after injection for single dose vaccines (Janssen), or two weeks after the single injection for people with already had the Covid-19.

>> Discover the places where the health pass will be compulsory from Wednesday

Gauges for cultural and leisure venues revised on the rise

Good news for curists, the thermal establishments are no longer limited and will be open to 100% of their capacity.

On the other hand, for the huge festivals, it will be necessary to be patient. Gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited in public spaces, except for guided tours. The rule of one in two occupied locations, against one on you so far, is applicable for ceremonies such as Pacs and weddings in town halls and places of worship. As for funeral ceremonies in cemeteries, they can take place with a limitation of 75 people.

On the cultural side, the museums, which have reopened since May 19, will be able to double their capacity with a tonnage increasing from eight to four square meters per visitor. Ditto for libraries, where readers will continue to occupy every other seat.

Also remember to reserve your seats for the cinema, theater, performance halls, marquees, zoos or even open-air festivals because the gauges are limited to 65% of the capacity and up to 5,000 people per room. The health pass will be required for events bringing together over 1,000 people.

The casinos will be able to accommodate up to 50% of the usual workforce. For more than 1,000 people inside, the health pass will be required. Just as trade shows and fairs will be limited to 50% of their reception capacity and capped at 5,000 people, the health pass will be compulsory for more than 1,000 people present.

Semi-face-to-face in higher education and limited gauges in dance schools

Students will have to finish their year in semi-face-to-face with 50% gauges until September. Dance schools, which had reopened their doors to minors, will now be able to accommodate adults, always avoiding any contact and with a gauge of 35% of students per class.

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