Deconfinement, day 1. Nangis station, Monday, 6.30 am: “The marking on the ground, I don’t know what it is for”

For a week, L’Express tells you about the deconfinement from Nangis, 8,600 inhabitants, fifty-five minutes from Paris. First episode: transport.

(EPISODE 1/5) Nangis station, around half past six, Monday, May 11. Dozens of shadows crowd towards the small station in Seine-et-Marne, quick to escape the curtain of rain that falls on the road. The day has barely risen, it feels like November, with those fingers freezing and these shoes taking on water. One of those mornings when the place sees 3 to 4,000 people passing by, heading for the Gare de l’Est, in Paris.

A large deployment of security forces reminds the soggy stunned that the routine is no longer. Today, like everywhere in France, it is deconfinement. Gendarmes are posted in sentry in front of the station, about fifteen in all, dispatched by the State to assist six SNCF agents, to which must be added two municipal police officers sent by the town hall. An army for this city of less than 10,000 inhabitants. “The city of Nangis has been identified as the most sensitive in the department,” explains the sub-prefect of Seine-et-Marne, Laura Reynaud, who oversees this morning recovery. In question, the central geographical position of the town, between Provins and Melun, which makes it a starting point for many travelers. Will it be necessary to prevent certain passengers from boarding the wagons, due to lack of space? The filtering of travelers was considered, before being abandoned. Here as elsewhere, the economy must pick up. So we work it out.

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