Defective engines: “My car stopped on the highway”, testifies a driver who takes part in a collective action against Renault

After the “dieselgate” which shook Volkswagen, some are already talking about “motorgate”. Between 2012 and 2016, several users of Renault-Nissan-Dacia group cars equipped with 1.2 TCe or DIG-T engines noticed excess oil consumption, premature wear, and even reported engine failure which put them in danger. This engine, installed on 400,000 cars in total, was finally abandoned in 2018. Tuesday, January 11, several plaintiffs began proceedings to demand that Renault provide documents relating to these incidents. Their lawyer must file a summary.

Hervé is one of the first complainants. After buying his Dacia in 2013, he quickly realizes that his car has a problem. “Even during the warranty period, I had some symptoms, he says, small noises during certain accelerations. “ Then gradually, he observes an oil consumption “more and more strong” until the diagnosis is made: “The engine is good to replace after five years and two months.” Corn Renault refuses all support. The group believes that Hervé “did not scrupulously respect the maintenance book”, says the driver. “We got no help.”

Hervé then created a Facebook group, several cases were reported and the UFC Que-Choisir took up the matter. But in November 2019, the Ministry of Ecological Transition considers that there is no need to recall all the vehicles and Renault believes it can deal with it on a case-by-case basis.

In September 2021, Stéphanie is driving her 2016 Clio 1L2 TCe on the highway when she is frightened. “A first light came on, then a second then the car stopped on the highway”, she testifies. “Luckily I was in the right lane. But the other cars and some trucks were honking me and I didn’t know what to do, she remembers. I didn’t expect that at all, as the car was new and well maintained. “ Finally Stéphanie manages to use the slope to park on the emergency lane. Renaut refuses to take charge of the incident, considering that the interview was not fully carried out in accordance with the rules.

Me Lèguevaques defends these motorists. According to the lawyer, the automotive group is in full denial: “Since 2015, he has misled consumers about the substantial qualities of the engine, he asserts. This defect can lead to engine failure, alert the lawyer, it is this danger that we mainly blame Renault for. Danger that society denies or tries to pass off as very rare. “

“We would like Renault to take the bull by the horns by recalling vehicles which are dangerous, to avoid this security breach which concerns everyone.”

Me Lèguevaques, lawyer for the plaintiffs

to franceinfo

Renault is waiting for the content of the complaint to express itself but specifies that more than 90% of the cases have been treated. The manufacturer also claims that for most incidents, it is simple overconsumption of oil and that there are warning signs that precede the engine failure, which should alert affected drivers.

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