delay in marriage, if there is a problem in promotion, then there may be this danger in your horoscope

According to astrology, Pitra Dosh is considered a dangerous yoga. It is believed that the person who has Pitra Dosh condition in his horoscope. His life is filled with difficulties. It has also been seen that even after being talented, he does not get the success that he deserves. How this dangerous yoga is formed in the horoscope, let us know-

Rahu and Ketu create ‘Pitri Dosh’
According to astrology, when Rahu or Ketu is placed in the ninth house in the birth chart, then the person is considered to be suffering from Pitra Dosha. The condition of Pitra Dosha can also be understood on the basis of these symptoms-

  • In case of Pitra Dosh, there is a situation of dispute in the house when it is in the horoscope.
  • The respect of the elders of the house gradually starts decreasing.
  • The head of the household has to bear humiliation.
  • The situation of discord and tension persists.
  • Entering the house, the mind starts getting spoiled.
  • There is no sweetness in married life and there is constant loss. Deposited capital would be destroyed.
  • The person goes into debt.
  • Gets into bad company.
  • Marriage gets delayed.
  • Promotion hinders.
  • Somebody is sick in the house.

remedy for fatherhood
The time of Pitru Paksha is considered to be the best to remedy Pitra Dosh. This year Pitru Paksha is from 10 September to 25 September 2022. According to astrology, ancestors should be worshiped in Pitru Paksha. Fathers should be remembered. While worshiping, remember the ancestors and apologize for the mistakes in life. Give food to dog, fish and crows. Give bread to the cow. Along with this, offer Janeu to the Peepal tree on the new moon day. Along with this, even on the date of Amavasya, one should remember the ancestors and show respect to them.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. It is important to mention here that does not endorse any kind of belief, information. Before applying any information or assumption, consult the concerned expert.

Kaal Sarp Dosh not only inauspicious but also gives auspicious results, know how this dangerous yoga is formed in the horoscope.

These zodiac signs take a lot of time to bring the matter of the heart to the tongue, because of this habit, they remain upset.


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