Delta variant: like Australia, could France be forced to re-define certain areas?

DECRYPTION – A cluster of this variant of Covid-19 has prompted the Australian authorities to reconfine 5 million inhabitants for two weeks. In France, 9% to 10% of contaminations are linked to the Delta variant.

The images fall, as if taken from an old nightmare. The avenues of Sydney emptied, the stations and shops deserted, the inhabitants caulked. This is the first time that the Indian variant, around 40% to 60% more contagious than the British, has pushed the authorities to reconfigure their population. While the global vaccination was to relegate such health measures to oblivion, this variant, also known as Delta, acts as a spoiler.

And Australia isn’t alone in worrying. Among the 85 countries currently affected by the Covid-19 Delta, several other countries have been forced, in recent days, to reverse the lifting of health restrictions. On Saturday, Bangladesh announced a general reconfinement as of June 28 and for one week. The United Kingdom, which had a few hundred cases until recently, is now close to 11,000 new infections per day, prompting British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to postpone for four weeks

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