Desperately looking for a teacher on Leboncoin

Leboncoin and its 51 million free classifieds… The site has become for many an essential tool for renting a studio, selling a car or adopting a cat. But, a less well-known phenomenon, it also offers a solution of last resort to school heads in need of replacement teachers.

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“I am looking for a teacher in SVT as part of a replacement for maternity leave from the beginning of January until certainly the end of the school year. 19.5 hours hedbo post (18 hours full time + 1.5 extra hours – Wednesday available), personal SVT lab, compensated post of fourth grade teacher. “ When he started his career twelve years ago, Pierre Laurent Combarette would never have imagined posting such an ad. Only here, sighs the head of establishment of the private college Champagnat, in L’Arbresle (Rhône), “The lists of substitute teachers sent to us by Catholic education have gradually been emptied”.

One track among others

For the time being, Pierre Laurent Combarette has only received a response to his announcement, published at the end of December. “The profile did not correspond at all, the person did not have a license, the level of diploma required”, he laments. If he tried his luck on Leboncoin, however, it is because three years ago he had been able to recruit two teachers there, in maths and in English.

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Of course, this site is only one track among others to find the rare pearl. “I contacted Pôle emploi in vain. I also posted a message on the professional social network LinkedIn ”, confides this head of establishment, confronted in this re-entry under the specter of Omicron with peaks of absences in his team (5 professors out of 33). “The remuneration – € 1,300 net for a full-time job – is not attractive, he analyzes. With the economic recovery, our potential candidates prefer to join other sectors. “

To go in search of substitute teachers, there is also the list of substitutes for Catholic education. Or even these parents of students tempted by a retraining in teaching, even if it means tightening their belts. “A father who holds a degree in biology but has become a real estate agent seems ready to take the plunge and accept the vacant position”, indicates Pierre Laurent Combarette.

Between last resort and hope of arousing vocations

The classified ad on Leboncoin is most often related to “A bottle thrown into the sea”. At the head of the Institut Notre-Dame, in Bourg-la-Reine (Hauts-de-Seine), Olivier Maison is exploring these same channels in the hope of replacing a German teacher transferred last July. “The contract worker that I had found increased the number of sick leaves before leaving the post. Rarely have I had such a hard time, he assures. The fewer Germanists, the fewer teachers. The fewer teachers, the fewer Germanists… ”

For him, no shame in using a classifieds site in the hope of arousing vocations. “No matter how you enter teaching, the main thing is to enter. It is then up to us to support these beginners. It is part of our missions ”, insists Olivier Maison.

Catholic establishments are not the only ones to turn to Leboncoin. As proof, this message posted by a public vocational school in the south of France, looking for a technology teacher to replace a resigned colleague. His principal prefers not to answer our questions, nor his rectorate.

Seek instead of the rectorate to avoid disaster

“School leaders are not supposed to recruit themselves”, comments Franck Antraccoli, Secretary General of Independence and Direction (iD-FO), a union of principals and principals. “But in some subjects, the slightest long-term absence turns into disaster. We are then tempted to activate our networks and sometimes even to conduct interviews before having the application validated by the rectorate. It comes down to doing your job ”, he laments.

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However, the education system relies on an army of 62,000 contract workers (37,000 full-time equivalents) who constitute 11% of the workforce in secondary education, 2.5% in primary education. While, according to the Scientific Council, the Covid could affect a third of the professors this month, the ministry has promised to hire new replacements. Even if it means calling retired teachers.


Marie-Hélène, nurse, mother of a college student in Mormant (Seine-et-Marne): “It is I, parent, who found a replacement in maths”

“On the eve of the January recovery, at one in the morning, I posted an ad on Leboncoin: “If you are an English teacher and available, contact the rectorate or the college as soon as possible”. My son, in fourth grade, has not had lessons in this discipline since his teacher left on maternity leave at the end of October. The main one is constantly relaunching the rectorate. I wrote to the minister, to the Prime Minister. In vain. I have to pay € 20 per week for one hour of private lessons. Two years ago, it was I, a parent, who had found a replacement in maths. I had managed to convince a person who offered private lessons. “


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