Despite being beneficial, berries can be harmful, know what are these dangers

Indian blackberry, popularly known as Jamun, is also known as Java plum. These fruits start getting in the summer season. The fruit is rich in medicinal properties and protects the body from many diseases. Along with strengthening immunity, eating berries provides innumerable benefits. It not only fulfills the lack of blood in the body, but it is also the best medicine to control blood sugar. Along with the pulp, the kernels of jamun give protection against many diseases. Although, there is no doubt that this fruit is beneficial for health, but despite this sometimes it can prove to be harmful too.

Jamun side-effects

blood sugar imbalance According to Ayurveda, the consumption of jamun in general is very beneficial for high blood pressure patients. Blood sugar can be easily controlled by including kernel powder or jamun in the diet. But many people start eating too much in order to get control over it, due to which there can be a problem of low blood pressure.

Constipation- Jamun is rich in Vitamin C. In such a situation, if you eat excessive amounts, then you may have to face the problem of constipation.

acne- If you consume more berries, then it can cause problems for your skin. There is a fear of getting acne on the face.

Vomiting problem- Many people have to face vomiting after eating Jamun. If you have such a complaint, then it is better not to consume it.

Disadvantages of over-consumption After knowing about its benefits, people start eating jamun in more quantity. But doing so can be dangerous for you. It has been told in Ayurveda that anything should be consumed only in the form of medicine i.e. in limited quantity. Sometimes excessive consumption can cause many other diseases.

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