Dhanteras 2021: Know how long is the auspicious time on Dhanteras

Dhanteras 2021: On 2nd November 2021, Tuesday is the festival of Dhanteras. According to the Panchang, the auspicious time of Dhanteras has started. Shopping in an auspicious time is considered very auspicious. On this day Lord Dhanvantari and Kuber Devta are worshiped along with Lakshmi ji.

Which two auspicious yogas are being formed on Dhanteras?
Today two special yogas are being formed on Dhanteras. These yogas are considered very auspicious in the scriptures. The work done in these yogas is successful and is considered to be beneficial. According to the Panchang, two special yogas are being formed on November 2, 2021. Which are increasing the importance of this festival even more. What are these yogas, you know-

Tripushkar Yoga
According to the Panchang on Dhanteras, Tripushkar Yoga is made. This yoga is formed by the coincidence of the date of Dwadashi and Tuesday. This year the festival of Dhanteras is being celebrated on Tuesday. At the same time, Dwadashi Tithi is also ending on this day. According to the Panchang, the date of Dwadashi has ended on this day at 11:30. This is the reason that till eleven o’clock in the morning on November 02, the condition of ‘Tripushkar Yoga’ was created. This yoga is also considered best for shopping.

Benefit Amrit Yoga
According to the Panchang on Dhanteras, Amrit Yoga is made. Buying things in Labh Amrit Yoga is also considered very auspicious.

Dhanteras auspicious time
According to the Panchang, the festival of Dhanteras is celebrated on Tuesday, November 2, 2021, on the Trayodashi date of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month. Let’s have a look at the auspicious time to be made on this day-

Dhanteras auspicious time: From 06.18 pm to 08.11 pm in the evening
Duration: 01 Hour 52 Minutes
Pradosh Kaal: 05:35 in the evening to 08:11 in the night
Taurus period: 06.18 in the evening to 08.14 in the night

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