Dharmendra was gifted by his friend, the actor shared the video

Bollywood’s Veteran actor Dharmendra may be away from the silver screen, but he remains very active on social media. He is currently spending time at his farm house. He often shares his associated videos and photos for fans. Dharmendra has shared a video which is becoming quite viral.

Friend gifted the plant to Dharmendra
Dharmendra shared a video on his Twitter handle on Saturday. In this he is telling, ‘My friend has given me a gift. While showing the plants, they are saying that these plants have been given to me by my dear friend Santosh. I will plant these plants with my own hands. ‘ Dharmendra wrote with the video, ‘Lovely plants have been given to me by my friend Santosh. I am very happy on my form. Lots of love for your lovely response, live it.

Video shared by feeding Morni with pimple
Recently, Dharmendra shared a video. In which it can be seen that they are feeding Morni. Dharmendra wrote with the video, ‘Chal, lets go on Dharam’s farm … feeds the chogga with his hand … Morni, also brought his peacock along. Love.’

Dharmendra has been awarded the Iron Man
Dharmendra made his Bollywood debut in 1960 with Arjun Hingorani’s film ‘Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere’. He was ranked among the world’s most handsome men in the mid-1970s. He has also been awarded the World Iron Man Award.


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