Diabetes patients should take care of health in this way in monsoon

Diabetes disease makes the sufferer vulnerable to infection and progression of serious diseases. Therefore, it is important to take good care of diabetes and stay diabetes free. As the seasons change, our body tries to adapt to the new environment and factors. All seasons have different aspects. Summer is tempting after a harsh winter but the hot temperatures and chances of heat stroke are dire in May-June. Winter is pleasant and brings chances of cold waves and frostbite in certain areas. Monsoon also has its sorrows and joys. Showers of rain are pleasing to the heart but humidity and humidity start to wreak havoc with our health. Therefore, diabetic patients should go about taking care of their health during monsoon. 

Do not walk barefoot- Avoid going long distances in sleeper or loose footwear. High blood sugar contributes to poor blood flow. It can also damage the nerves in your feet. The deterioration of the nerves in the legs is called neuropathy. Monitor your feet daily. You can set a bathing routine for him. 

Don’t take injuries lightly- Foot problems such as fungal infections of the feet or athlete’s foot may seem insignificant, but can turn into major problems because poor circulation delays healing time, causing The door for dangerous infection to come opens. If you have any foot problems and are diabetic, go to the doctor immediately. 

Do not skip bath on time- Not only because of corona virus but also diabetic also need to keep away all kinds of pathogens, give priority to bathing daily. Use warm water to wash off soap and germs efficiently. Clean, cut, file nails.

Drink enough water- Water keeps you hydrated. The waste products of the body need cleaning and for that a lot of hydration is needed. Diabetic and kidney patients should consult doctor about prescribed minimum and maximum water intake. 

Eat immunity-boosting foods- Reduce foods that reduce your health status. Cut down on sugar, fats and meat. Eat immunity boosting foods. Diabetes patients should eat at least two fruits and 3 vegetables daily. 

Do not overeat- Due to bad weather, physical activity is limited in monsoon, so avoid consuming extra calories. If you feel that you can eat a little more, then it is better to stop. This will give space to your digestive juices. Take a short walk inside the house, don’t fall asleep immediately after dinner. 

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