Did air pollution make Kovid-19 more deadly? Researchers made shocking disclosures

Worldwide air pollution can contribute to the death of one lakh 70 thousand people from Kovid-19. International researchers have linked pollution to 15% of the 1.15 million deaths due to Kovid-19. He says that if the air was not contaminated, 14 per cent of deaths due to Kovid-19 in Britain could have been avoided. This means that about 63 hundred people could have been saved.

Air pollution made Kovid-19 more deadly?

Recent research has been published in the journal Cardiovascular Research. According to the report, scientists considered pollution levels in many countries of the world. They used mathematical modeling to calculate how much of the contaminated air is partially behind the deaths associated with the Kovid-19. He said that the data does not show that air pollution directly causes death from Kovid-19. However, he has not ruled it out.

Poisonous smoke has a higher risk of Kovid-19

Poisonous smoke emanating from the factory and the car further increases the rate of health, which puts people at greater risk of Kovid-19. Previous research has attributed air pollution to about 7 million deaths worldwide. According to earlier research, air pollution causes high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma and coronary artery disease. Coronary artery disease refers to a disease in which blood does not reach the heart. This happens when blockage or blockage occurs in the artery that carries blood to the heart.

Reacting to the discovery, independent scientists have expressed an inability to tell the exact figures of deaths from pollution. However, he admitted that research estimates may be entirely possible. Current research has focused on particle pollution. Particle pollution is also called PM2.5. It is a mixture of solid particles and liquid droplets present in the atmosphere. PM2.5 is mainly derived from burning of car fumes, construction industry and fossil fuels. It contains dust, grime and fine particles of metal. It is considered safe to breathe only when the amount of PM2.5 in the air is 60 and PM10 is 100.

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