“Dieselgate”: Peugeot indicted in France after Renault and Volkswagen

The three builders are indicted in the investigation of fraud against the pollution control of older generations of diesel engines.

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After Renault and Volkswagen, it was Peugeot’s turn. The French car manufacturer has also been indicted in France in the investigation of fraud against pollution control of older generations of diesel engines, announced Wednesday, June 9 in the evening Stellantis, the parent company of the manufacturer.

“Two other Stellantis subsidiaries, Automobiles Citro├źn SA and FCA Italy SpA., Will be heard by the investigating magistrates, on June 10 and July respectively, as part of the same judicial investigation”, said the Franco-Italian group.

Renault and Volkswagen were previously indicted for “deception” in the same case as Peugeot. The “Dieselgate”, which has given rise to legal actions in many countries, has already cost Volkswagen 30 billion euros, largely in the United States where the German group pleaded guilty to fraud in 2017.

The manufacturer admitted in the fall of 2015 to have equipped 11 million of its diesel vehicles with software capable of concealing emissions that sometimes exceed 40 times the authorized standards.

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