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Dieticians are telling 5 mistakes of Navratri fast that increase weight

Usually everyone in the festival of Navratri 9 Fast for days, Which not only enhances devotion and devotion, but also keeps our body healthy. In these days, by keeping control of our food, we can keep the mind calm as well as keep the body healthy.

The food people eat during Navratri fast, He is the best and the healthiest. If eaten correctly. So this Navratri should have all the food in your plate which helps you to keep healthy and in weight loss.

Some people also keep fast because they want to detox the body. Some people also keep fast to lose weight like people do intermittent fasting. In which they have to keep a fast for a few hours or a few days. But often people make such mistakes in the diet eaten on Navratri fast., Which increases weight instead of reducing weight.

So are you also not making such mistakes! If yes, So be careful because they increase your weight as well as push you towards diseases.

1. Lack of micronutrients in food

We often ignore micronutrients in fasting. Thinking that we need only energy in the fast. Sago, Kuttu pudding eats all this and forgets about fruits and vegetables. While fruits and vegetables should be eaten in good quantity during the fast. They give us fiber, Vitamins and minerals are available. Consumption of fruits and vegetables does not cause a deficiency of these essential nutrients. Which helps in reducing weight.

2. Excess intake of ghee and domestic

Often, people start consuming more oil and ghee than daily in the fast. Whoever makes the fruit, That country ghee, Made in peanut oil or any other oil. People Kuttu Ki Pudi, Dumplings, The chips, French fries etc. start filling the stomach. Due to which oil and ghee are consumed more.

For the healthy option, you can make poultry bread, Sago polenta, Stewed rice polenta, Makhana Potato Tikki, Rajgir Paneer Paratha, Lassi, Yogurt and potatoes can be eaten. Ghee or oil is very less in them. So you will not increase extra fat.


3. Excess intake of sugar or sweet vegetables

In general, people who eat less sugar or sweet for weight loss often start consuming more or less unknowingly during fasting. Fast pudding, dessert, Sugar is used in very large quantities in dishes such as laddus.

If you are wet pregnant, So you should take very little quantity of sugar. You can use jaggery in the health options of sugar, Honey, Can use dates etc., But in limited quantities. Make some dishes a habit of eating without sugar – like kheer. Because the sweetness of milk comes from it.

4. insufficiency of water

Whether you keep fast or not, It is very important to keep the body hydrated. But people often drink very little water during the fast. This is the reason why you feel more hungry. Drinking a good amount of water makes skin glow, The body detoxes and we avoid binge eating. If you want to reduce weight loss, then keep the body hydrated.

5. Use of packaged foods outside

In the fast, most people pack out chips, Fried Makhana, Salty papad of fast , Things like eating. Which can increase your weight. Sometimes the unhealthy oils used in these also become the cause of many diseases. If you want you to lose weight or manage weight with this Navratri fast, then take homemade food only.


Also take care

People often fast once a day and eat once a night, Due to which they are not able to take care of porcelain size and eat more food. It is very important to pay attention to how much quantity you are eating and it is not just on fast, It is also applicable on normal days.

So do not repeat these mistakes this Navratri and keep your weight maintained, Eat healthy and stay fit.

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