DIRECT. COP26: the draft final declaration plans to reduce the use of coal, but no new aid for countries affected by the climate crisis

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12:12 : The fight against global warming “will be a citizen or not be” corn “will also be governmental or will not be”, warns the climatologist and former vice-president of the IPCC Jean Jouzel. He calls for “everyone, states, civil society, cities are looking in the same direction”.


12:09 : It is 12:04! Time to eat, of course, but also to take stock of the news:

• A new draft final declaration of the Glasgow climate conference calls for “accelerate efforts” towards the exit of coal and the pace of countries’ commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Discussions will resume at 1 p.m. after laborious negotiations last night.

• Six years after the horror, several tributes were paid by the authorities in Paris and Saint-Denis to commemorate the attacks of November 13, in a highly symbolic atmosphere, at a time when the trial is testing the victims and shaping the collective memory of these attacks.

• Vladimir Poutine rejected in an interview any responsibility in the migratory crisis in progress on the border between Belarus and Poland, where thousands of migrants have been massed for several days. Russia is accused by several Western voices of having orchestrated with Minsk the sending of these migrants to the border.

11:22 : “What is on the table is not satisfactory.”

Asked by a British colleague, the NGO harshly judges the new texts.

11:18 am : The text posted online by the British presidency of COP26, however, does not mention a specific mechanism to compensate for “loss and damage” already suffered by the poorest countries and exposed to the effects of global warming, one of their strong demands and one of the very controversial points of the negotiations.

11:17 : Only the end of electricity production with coal is explicitly mentioned, accompanied by an “unabated” mention, which leaves the door open to projects promising to capture the CO2 emitted. As for fossil fuel subsidies, countries are only invited to stop those deemed “inefficient” (by whom? According to what criteria?).

11:18 am : Home straight for the COP26 negotiations. New drafts of the final declaration texts were posted this morning. They still include an unprecedented mention of fossil fuels, the primary cause of global warming, but it remains timid.

10:16 : “We hear a lot of speeches where heads of state follow each other and explain to us hand on heart that we must respond to the climate crisis”, described on franceinfo the deputy LFI Clémentin Autain, “and then there is the practice and there, there is no one left”.

10:13 : Let’s take a look at the news right away:

• Six years after the horror, the commemoration of November 13th organized today promises to be more symbolic than ever, at a time when the historic trial underway is testing the victims and shaping the collective memory of these attacks. In this interview, historian Henry Rousso returns for franceinfo to the evolution and importance of building a collective memory around terrorism.

• Ambition, fossil fuels, financial aid to poor countries … The 200 or so signatory countries of the Paris agreement are putting the work back on the job in an attempt to finally pull off at COP26 an agreement intended to slow down global warming. planet. The spokesperson for Greenpeace France believes that “the results are very bad when we take into account the commitments that are on the table today”.

The man arrested after the knife attack of police officers in Cannes on Monday was indicted for violence and “attempted murder on police officials” with premeditation. He was imprisoned.

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