DIRECT. Covid-19: Moderna vaccine causes fewer allergic reactions than Pfizer’s, according to US health authorities

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09:44 : This vaccination campaign against the coronavirus, the subject of many questions, is found in one of certain regional dailies. The voice of the North wonders if we will be “all vaccinated at the end of summer”, while Progress made a report on a “brigade of vaccinators” in Ehpad in the Rhône.


09:41 : “There is indeed bad news on some deliveries, but overall, the suppliers had indicated that during the first quarter, production capacities would imply limited volumes and that cruising speed would be more reached in the second and third quarters of 2021 . “

“It’s inevitable” because of “great uncertainties”, explains this morning on franceinfo Anne Bucher, former Director General of Health at the European Commission and author of a report for the think tank TerraNova, entitled Vaccine production: what lessons can be learned from the Covid experience?.

09:38 : After the Pfizer-BioNtech laboratory, AstraZeneca in turn announced, even before the green light from the European Medicines Agency, a delay in deliveries of doses of its vaccine against Covid-19. The Anglo-Swedish laboratory will deliver only 31 million in the first quarter, instead of the 80 million planned.

09:33 : In recent weeks, a student committed suicide and another attempted suicide, on this campus in Villeurbanne. The student community, already shaken by the Covid-19, finds itself marked by these tragedies. For franceinfo, Charles-Edouard Ama Koffi spent three days in the university residence of the Doua in Villeurbanne. He met and interviewed students during his report.

Auriane Allemon, celebrated her 20th birthday on the weekend of January 16, 2020, with only three friends in her university room in Villeurbanne.  (CHARLES-EDOUARD AMA KOFFI / FRANCEINFO)


09:09 : Here is a first point on the main part of the news:

A year ago to the day, a spectacular confinement was decreed in Wuhan. The city is now free of the coronavirus, many countries still have no other solution than to restrict travel and activities in order to hope to end an epidemic that does not abate.

# COVID_19 In one year, an object has become essential in our daily life: the mask. While several countries advise against certain fabric masks in the face of new variants of the coronavirus, the World Health Organization and the Academy of Medicine in France consider that the latter are still as effective.

Dozens of people have been arrested in Russia on the sidelines of demonstrations organized across the country at the call of supporters of the opponent Alexeï Navalny to demand his release, despite multiple pressures from the authorities.

Donald Trump’s impeachment trial will begin in the second week of February in the Senate, after the former president’s indictment was transmitted to the upper house early next week.

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