DIRECT. Deconfinement: on the terrace or in the cinema, France has benefited from a first breath of freedom

What there is to know

Laughter on the terrace, a cinema screening or a visit to the museum … Wednesday May 19, after six months of closure and a winter spoiled by the Covid-19 murderer, France has regained some of its leisure time and a little freedom, against the backdrop of the epidemic’s decline. Despite the showers, or even the hail that watered part of France, the terraces have regained their clientele. And the cinemas their spectators. Follow our live.

The police had to intervene in places. The first evening of reopening the terraces extended beyond curfew time in several cities. In Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine), the police dispersed the hundreds of young people who remained in the city center after 9 p.m., reports France Bleu Armorique. Projectiles were thrown at the police, and the latter used tear gas. Calm returned around 11 p.m.

The decline in the epidemic continues. The number of patients Covid-19 in intensive care services continued to decline on Wednesday, according to figures from Public Health France. He drops below the 4000 mark, at 3862. The number of hospitalizations as a whole also continues to decrease to 21,347, against 22,058 the day before, the lowest since the end of October 2020.

The discotheques consider themselves victims of “discrimination”. On the first day of phase 2 of the deconfinement, Wednesday, some are still waiting their turn. S‘considering victims of “discrimination”, representatives of the discotheques pleaded their cause, Wednesday, May 19, before the Council of State, so that these establishments are integrated “emergency” government plan and can reopen on June 30. The decision is expected early next week.

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