DIRECT. Irruption of pro-Trump supporters on Capitol Hill: follow the reactions in the aftermath of the violence in Washington

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6:29 a.m. : Former Democratic President Bill Clinton also denounced a “unprecedented attack” against American institutions, “fed by more than four years of poisonous politics”. “The fuse has been lit by Donald Trump”, he accused.

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6:25 a.m. : This is one of the highlights of the evening. A supporter of Donald Trump carried the “dixie” flag through the precincts of Congress. This flag was used during the Civil War, between 1861 and 1865, by the southern slave camp. The eleven stars represent the Confederate States which, refusing the abolition of slavery, had decided to leave the Union to found an independent country.


6:20 a.m. : The woman who died after participating in the coup in the precincts of Congress was shot dead by police on Capitol Hill, the Washington police chief said. She was pronounced dead after being transferred to hospital. An internal investigation was opened into this “tragic event”, he said. Follow our live.

6:16 am : “History will remember the violence today on Capitol Hill, encouraged by a president who relentlessly lied about the outcome of an election, as a moment of dishonor and shame for our country.”

In a statement, the former president condemned the intrusion of pro-Trump supporters on Capitol Hill. He denounced the “violent crescendo” in recent months, fueled by the Republicans’ refusal to “tell the truth”.

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6:11 am : A few minutes later, the House of Representatives in turn dismissed the objection with 303 votes to 121, taking a further step towards the certification of the results of the presidential election.

6:11 am : A few hours after the intrusion of supporters of Donald Trump, the US Congress rejected a first objection to the certification of Joe Biden’s victory. The Senate has decided, by an overwhelming majority of 93 votes to 6, not to act on objections from elected Republicans to the results of the presidential election in the state of Arizona.



06:09 : Oregon Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley filmed his return to Congress. On his video, we see overturned furniture, broken glass in the hallways. “The door to my office was kicked in while it was open, they could have just opened it”, he said pointing to the damage.

06:08 : The Capitol was deemed secure shortly after 5:30 p.m. (local time). Elected officials returned to the chambers of Congress shortly after 8 p.m. to resume the presidential election certification process.

06:04 : “When, in one of the oldest democracies in the world, supporters of an outgoing president question, by force of arms, the legitimate results of an election, it is a universal idea – that of one man, one voice – which is defeated. “

“We will not give in to the violence of a few who want to question” democracy, Emmanuel Macron said in a video, after pro-Trump protesters entered the Capitol in Washington.

6:16 am : We start this morning by taking stock of the news:

• Scenes of chaos in Washington. Supporters of Donald Trump invaded the Capitol last night, interrupting the certification of the presidential election which was to confirm the victory of Joe Biden. The National Guard has been deployed, a curfew imposed. A woman died after being shot and wounded. Follow our live.

The US Congress rejected a first objection to Joe Biden’s certification of victory, hours after pro-Trump supporters violently intruded on Capitol Hill.

As chaos reigned on Capitol Hill, the two Democratic candidates Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff defeated their Republican rivals in Georgia. The Democrats therefore regain control of the Senate.

• The European Medicines Agency and then the Commission have given their approval for the Moderna vaccine. The American group will therefore obtain conditional marketing authorization in the European Union for its messenger RNA vaccine.

• China yesterday reported 63 new Covid-19 contaminations in the past 24 hours – a record since July – as authorities strive to contain an outbreak of coronavirus that has appeared in the region bordering Beijing.

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