DIRECT. New school year under the sign of Covid-19 for more than 12 million students

What there is to know

Kit, notebooks … and masks. For the second year in a row, nearly 12.3 million students are going back to school on Thursday, September 2, under the threat of Covid-19. “You must first have a feeling of serenity, the start of the school year is prepared, the students will be there, the teachers too, the protocol [sanitaire] is clear”, declared the Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, on France Inter the day before. Follow the start of the school year live with franceinfo.

An intermediate health protocol. The ministry retained the health protocol of “level 2” (out of 4) which authorizes all the pupils to be accommodated in face-to-face and requires them to wear the mask indoors, except in kindergarten. A case of Covid-19 in an elementary school classroom will result in a closure, as in June. In the event of contamination in middle or high school, only students with contact cases who are not vaccinated will have to isolate themselves for a week.

Mobile teams will encourage vaccination. New for this new school year: middle and high schools will contribute to the vaccination campaign, open only to over 12s. The government plans to send “mobile teams” in certain establishments and to send groups of volunteer pupils to vaccination centers. About 60% of adolescents and 89% of teachers are vaccinated in France, according to Jean-Michel Blanquer.

Back to school shifted in the West Indies and Guyana. An increase in contamination could lead to a hardening of the health protocol in schools, locally or nationally. Already, in the West Indies and in the red zones of Guyana, the start of the school year has been postponed from September 2 to 13 due to the health situation.

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