DIRECT. Nordahl Lelandais trial: before the verdict, follow the last words of the accused

What there is to know

He should speak one last time. Nordahl Lelandais, tried in Grenoble for the kidnapping and murder of Maëlys de Araujo, is authorized to say a few words before the Assize Court of Isère, Friday February 18, at 9 a.m., before the jurors retire to deliberate. But he can choose to add nothing to these three weeks of debate. The verdict is expected in the afternoon and falls on the day of the 39th birthday of the former dog handler. Follow our live.

Life imprisonment required. Thursday morning, Advocate General Jacques Dallest demanded, in his indictment, the maximum sentence, a life sentence accompanied by a 22-year security sentence. The accused is a “absolute social danger”he said, calling on the jurors to declare Nordahl Lelandais “great criminal, great predator”.

“He will never be Klaus Barbie.” The defense pleaded, in the afternoon of Thursday, to reinstate the accused in “the human community”. Because “never, never will he be Klaus Barbie”, launched the lawyer Alain Jakubowicz, while one of his colleagues on the opposing side had mentioned the historic trial of the German war criminal in his argument. Nordahl Lelandais “clearly deserves” 30 years in prison and not the perpetuity required by the Advocate General, said his lawyer.

A dark portrait. “A dangerous criminal”, “a sexual predator”, “a mediocre”, “a pedophile”… On Wednesday, in their pleadings, the lawyers for the civil parties chose strong qualifiers to portray the accused, sometimes using the terms of the psychiatric experts who marched to the bar on Monday and Tuesday. “We are going to leave on the mystery of Nordahl Lelandais. I felt him very absent from his trial, yet it was his trial. He had a great opportunity to express himself, he missed it”launched Yves Crespin, lawyer for two child protection associations.

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