DIRECT. Regional and departmental elections: follow the first round of the ballot and the evolution of participation over the day

What there is to know

There are only a few hours left to wait before knowing the results of the 1st round of regional elections and departmental, which are held throughout France this Sunday, June 20. A double ballot which was originally scheduled to take place in March 2021, but has been postponed due to the Covid-19 crisis. Elections with a very particular flavor one year before the presidential election, and which can be followed live on franceinfo.

>> Find the political issues region by region thanks to our map

An adapted health protocol. To contain any risk of contamination, a strict protocol was announced by the Ministry of the Interior in a press release published on Tuesday, and whose recommendations are based on those issued by the Scientific Council (in PDF) in March. Thus, barrier gestures, such as wearing a mask and washing hands, must be respected in the polling stations. The details can be read here.

Two polls on the same day. The regional elections and the departmental elections are two separate ballots organized every six years to renew the composition of the regional councils and the departmental councils. There are 13 regional councils in mainland France (including the assembly of the single community of Corsica) and 92 departmental councils. Overseas, Guadeloupe and Reunion each have a regional council and a departmental council, while Martinique, Guyana and Mayotte are unique communities.

Towards historic abstention? According to polls, abstention promises to be strong in all regions and in the entire population, and more particularly among the youngest.

>> “I don’t feel legitimate enough”: why the majority of young people will choose abstention in regional and departmental elections

What are these elections for? You did not have the time (nor the inclination) to take an interest in these local polls? Do not panic. We have listed some very concrete issues of these elections for your daily life and for the French political landscape. Here is why we must not ignore these polls.

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