DIRECT. The “inflation allowance” announced by Jean Castex will be paid to “scholarship students and fiscally autonomous”, specifies Gabriel Attal

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07:49 : We are in a context where prices are increasing “, notes Gabriel Attal on France 2. “I can understand the weariness of the French but the situation is not linked to the crisis but to the end of the crisis. Most experts say that it is temporary: there will be a return to normal”, assures the government spokesperson.

07:46 : The government spokesperson adds that these 100 euros in compensation are not taxed “therefore no taxes, no charges”.

7:45 a.m. : The “two thirds of French students” are eligible for the “inflation allowance” of 100 euros announced by Jean Castex last night, specifies Gabriel Attal this morning. It is more precisely the scholarship students and fiscally independent from their parents “.

07:43 : “The students will be supported by the inflation allowance”, announces Gabriel Attal, the government spokesperson, on France 2.

07:29 : “We’re not going to lie to each other: when motorists are unhappy, we’re happy! It’s our business model.”

Gasoil Now, Gasoline & Co … These applications have seen their use skyrocket thanks to the increase in fuel prices. The first saw its number of visits jump by 50% in a week, and the second saw a spike in traffic, with 30 to 40% more connections compared to last year.

07:27 : To compare the prices offered by the stations around her home, Lina, a BTS student in Marseille, found the Gasoil Now application. “I watch every two or three days to see if it has gone down”, explains the young Marseillaise. The application quickly changed its habits: “I changed stations, I went to the cheapest one”.

07:26 : The prices of diesel and unleaded have reached a new record. Faced with this outbreak, motorists are organizing themselves using dedicated applications. Our journalists Robin Prudent and Vincent Matalon gave them the floor.

07:12 : Several one from the regional press, such as South West Where The Republican Lorrain, give pride of place to the bonus of 100 euros announced by Jean Castex last night.

06:58 : Jean Castex makes the headlines Echoes, after its series of announcements last night for people earning less than 2,000 euros per month. An “inflation allowance” of 100 euros will be paid to them between December and February, announced the Prime Minister.

6:26 a.m. : Let’s take a look at the news right away:

Actor Alec Baldwin was shot and killed yesterday, presumably by accident, the director of photography and injured the director of the western he was shooting in the US state of New Mexico, local police said.

• The Paris Assize Court of Appeal deliberated 14 hours before once again sentencing Aïssa Zerouati to 20 years in prison for more than thirty acts of rape, attempted rape and aggravated sexual assault, in the Sénart forest (Essonne), between 1995 and 2000.

• Neither lower taxes nor fuel check but an indemnity of 100 euros for 38 million French people: Jean Castex announced a simple measure “who sees himself”, to address concerns about soaring fuels and purchasing power.

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