Disabled but motivated employees


Thursday at 11:10 p.m. on France 2

We have the right to have a job! »This is the cry launched by the heroes of the documentary series Extraordinary, of which the first two parts (out of four) are broadcast this Thursday on France 2. Particular sign: all are carriers of a psychological and neurological handicap. The impressive Gilles de La Tourette syndrome, which manifests itself in tics and insults, for Audrey and Umberto. Autism for Elena and Corentin. All have also suffered multiple refusals in their job search, despite intact intellectual skills, even above average, and an unwavering motivation to want to enter the workforce.

It is not that all the bosses are malicious, no, but they are especially badly equipped, badly informed and a little confused by handicaps less visible than the motor handicaps, analyzes the documentary which follows the witnesses in their professional research.

What if, in the end, it was not the difference in itself that was an obstacle to employment but rather prejudices? interrogates Extraordinary. Yet Umberto’s father is sure: “People with disabilities have something more and not less and are assets for a company. “ It is also necessary that recruiters dare to overcome their fear. Umberto knows what he’s talking about. With his three CAPs in his pocket, including one in artistic ironwork, and with his creativity, he catches the eye of companies but never goes beyond the maintenance stage. Result: 83 recruiters met… in vain.

But in their quest, Umberto, Elena, Corentin and the others will also have the chance to meet the unwavering support of their parents or loved ones. Programmed as part of the 25e edition of the European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities (SEEPH), Extraordinary looks at itself as a comforting document.


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