Disasters and a cup of tea

Sometimes, when proofreading an entire issue before sending it to the printer or to the big digital cloud, one sentence resonates more than others. Sometimes it’s also a photo or an illustration. This week, these are a few words, a small sentence among hundreds of others. “We cannot live with disaster as our only horizon”, says Anne-Lorraine Bujon. The editorial director of the journalSpiritis the guest of the Conversation whose theme is centered on our democracy, the comparison with the United States, the diagnosis of the state of our institutions. As the meeting progressed, she confided to journalists Élodie Maurot and Bernard Gorce her conviction that one cannot “to live without a perspective of salvation” and that catastrophism is a temptation to be resisted.

“We cannot live with disaster as our only horizon” : this sentence entered on the fly acts as a lifeline. Because it resonates well beyond the political sphere. It would indeed be so logical these days to sink on the side of a desperate conscience as the scourges lurk: on the side of the Ukrainian border, drifts of the climate or a new variant of variant. However, in the face of threats, our conviction is that to sink into catastrophism would be to add catastrophe to catastrophes.

Because salvation – or let’s say at least the desirable future – lies more on the side of the search for solutions, the quest for meaning, the development of reasons for hope. Beyond the stimulating lucidity of Anne-Lorraine Bujon, let us tirelessly choose to highlight constructive initiatives. In the “Lucid but not desperate” category, this week you will discover Koula Kanamakasy, the educator from Champigny-sur-Marne who believes in the future of young people in the neighborhoods, Bruno Patino who seeks to break digital servitude, the actor Bernard Campan and the philosopher Alexandre Jollien, for whom the strength of friendship transcends differences and… English people from France who have learned to deal with Brexit over the past two years. In this issue, inspired by age-old British wisdom, preparing for disaster begins over a good cup of tea.



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