Discussion of Shama Sikandar’s transformation with new pictures, will betray your own eyes

Shama Sikander’s name is included in the list of actresses whose transformation surprised the people a lot. Even by looking at their old pictures, you will not be able to believe that these photos are theirs. Shama Sikander has shared some of her new photos on Instagram.

Discussion of her changed look started with new pictures of Shama Sikander

Shama Sikander often shares her bold pictures on social media. Whenever Shama shares a picture, she is definitely covered in the news. Along with these pictures of Shama, her old look is once again being discussed.

Difficult for fans to recognize

Old and new pictures of Shama are astonishing, in which it is difficult for the fans to recognize them.

Debut with Fardeen Khan

Please tell that Shama Sikandar started her career with actor Fardeen Khan. The film was ‘Prem Agan’. However the film did not work and with this Shama Sikander turned to the small screen.

Shama has also posted many videos

Plastic surgery news is wrong

There has been a lot of discussion about Shama Sikander that she has completely changed her face with plastic surgery. However, Shama has called these things a rumor.

News of plastic surgery of multiple organs

There have been reports about Shama that she has undergone plastic surgery in many parts of her body. However, Shema has been saying that whenever she reads such news about herself, she gets both laughter and anger.

Said – Worked hard to improve your body

Shama has told that she has worked hard to improve her body. She lived in Los Angeles for about two years and did a meditation course there.

Heavy gym workouts and sweating a lot

Shama has also told that to get this figure and body, he has done heavy gym workouts and sweating a lot. According to Shama, the pictures she has talked about have been shot with a very famous photographer from Los Angeles.

Special role in ‘This is my life’

Shama Sikander is known for her special role in the TV serial ‘Ye Meri Life Hai’ (2003-05). Shama has participated in many TV serials and reality shows.

Worked in Aamir Khan’s film ‘Mana’

Apart from this, Shama has also hosted many shows. Shama Sikander has also acted in some Bollywood films. He acted in Aamir Khan’s film ‘Mana’ in 1999.

Very active in fashion and modeling world

Shama Sikander is very active in the fashion and modeling world. He launched his brand Saisha in the year 2010.

The early days were very difficult

Shama had told in an interview that her initial days were very difficult. He told that sometimes there was no money to eat at his house.

Pooja Mehta’s character gained fame

He started his career in films with the film ‘Prem Agan’ in 1998, but the real fame was seen in the TV serial ‘Ye Meri Life Hai’ by Pooja Mehta.


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