Disha Parmar refuses to come to Bigg Boss 14 Finale, is Rahul Vaidya the reason?

TV actress Disha Parmar suddenly came into the discussion in the past. Rahul Vaidya became the reason for this. At this time, Rahul is putting his life to win as a contestant in ‘Bigg Boss 14’. Two weeks ago, he proposed Disha for marriage during the show on National TV. However, Disha has not yet sent his reply to Rahul. While it is reported that now he has also refused to become a VIP guest in the finale episode of ‘Bigg Boss 14’.

Disha turned down ‘Bigg Boss’ offer
According to the ‘Spotboy’ report, Disha Parmar was approached by Big Boss makers. He wanted to take Disha to VIP episode by making it a VIP guest. But it is said that Disha Parmar has denied this.

I’m a boring person, ‘Bigg Boss’ is not for me
When the website spoke with Disha and asked about this, he agreed that he had received an offer from ‘Bigg Boss’. But with this, Disha also said that she has been getting offers from Bigg Boss for the last several seasons. But he does not feel that he is the right contestant for the show. Disha said that she considers herself a very boring person.

‘No, Rahul is not the reason’
When Disha is asked if she does not want to go to Bigg Boss because of Rahul? On this, Disha said, ‘No, it is not. They are not the reason for this. I just don’t want to be a part of this show in general. ‘ By the way, it is so sure that if direction enters the show, both Rahul and the show would have got TRP.

Rahul’s mother likes Disha Parmar
By the way, as far as the relationship between Rahul and Disha is concerned, Rahul’s mother has agreed to this relationship. Rahul’s mother has said that she is happy that her son has chosen direction. Disha is a lovely girl. The mother also said that when Rahul proposed the direction on TV, she was also shocked for some time.


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