Disha Parmar’s Mangalsutra: Disha Parmar’s mangalsutra caught attention, did you notice?

The marriage of Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar is dominated on social media. After Mehndi and Turmeric, now ‘Bigg Boss 14’ fame singer and TV actress’s wedding, reception and sangeet ceremony has become a rage. From the clothes of Rahul and Disha to the performances of both of them in the sangeet ceremony, everything is in discussion after the wedding on July 16. But in the meantime, the design of Disha Parmar’s Mangalsutra is also making headlines. Seeing the simple style of mangalsutra, fans are praising Disha.

Sonam Kapoor’s mangalsutra had raised interest

Many videos of Rahul and Disha’s wedding and after it are being watched a lot. But in this, the eyes of the fans have also fallen on Disha’s mangalsutra. Disha is flaunting her mangalsutra in the video. Even before this, from Sonam Kapoor to Priyanka Chopra and Yami Gautam’s mangalsutra, there has been a lot of discussion on social media. Sonam also wore mangalsutra in her hands. She made her mangalsutra a bracelet. In such a situation, after his unique idea, people’s interest in the mangalsutra of celebrities also increased.

How is the design of Disha’s mangalsutra?


Looking at the design of Disha Parmar’s mangalsutra, she has chosen a short length ie less long chain than the long chain design. Along with this, there are diamond pendants in the mangalsutra. Well, this design is common these days. In such a situation, instead of any particular design, Disha has carried the design going on in fashion.

Rahul-Disha have become TV’s favorite couple
By the way, this picture of Disha is from her wedding reception. In such a situation, his look is also being discussed a lot. There is no doubt that in a very short time, Rahul and Disha have become the favorite couple of the TV world. Rahul Vaidya proposed girlfriend Disha Parmar on National TV in ‘Bigg Boss 14’. Disha also came to the finale of this show and stamped love and marriage in February. Since then, the discussion of the love of both became common.

‘No honeymoon plans yet’
Amidst all the speculations, on 6th June this month, Rahul Vaidya announced that he is going to get married on 16th July. Rahul had already told that due to corona infection and lockdown, he had to push the wedding date several times. However, now both are married. Rahul Vaidya and Disha are apparently now preparing for their honeymoon. However, for that too they will have to wait a bit. Rahul had said in a conversation with ‘ETimes’ that he would definitely go for a honeymoon, but first the situation of Corona in the country and the world gets better, only then a plan will be made.


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