Do Aarti with devotion, Aarti is the basic mantra to please God

Arati: According to the scriptures, worship is not complete without aarti. That is why the special importance of Aarti has been told in worship. Be it home or religious rituals. If we talk about worship, first of all Aarti comes to mind, due to which a lamp burns in the mind. No worship is considered complete without aarti. Aarti is the last step of the worship method to end the worship. Performing Aarti fills up positive energy in and around the place of worship. This is the time when the worshiper who worships to please God, does not delay in fulfilling all his wishes.

Aarti means calling the deity with passion and heart. Aarti is performed to get the blessings of the deity. It is said that whatever you do aarti keeping in mind at this time, your wish is definitely fulfilled. Not only to perform aarti, but there is a great virtue of seeing the aarti. Such are mentioned in the scriptures, but do the aarti with devotion, only then your call reaches to the Ishta. Today we will tell you in detail that how and how to do aarti to please God is very fruitful.

right method of doing aarti

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