Do deep conditioning of hair every week, hair fall problem will disappear

Nowadays hair fall and hair tangle has become such a common thing. Every other person has a problem with this thing. In such a situation, there are many reasons behind hair fall and tangle like not taking proper care of the hair, not combing the hair properly, not washing the hair on time, not using oil and most importantly not conditioning. Many people’s hair falls so much that even while unraveling the hair, many hairs start breaking in the form of flakes, this is not because of shampoo but because of conditioning. People keep shampooing from time to time but do not condition their hair and due to the lack of the same, hair problems often start growing. If you want to get rid of the problem of hair, then do hair conditioning in this way and stay away from all the problems.

Coconut Oil
Elements of coconut Contains which prove to be very good for hair. Like coconut oil is found in high amount of lauric acid which nourishes the hair and moisturizes the hair to reduce frizzy hair, which improves hair health. Vitamins and fats are also very high in coconut oil, due to which the hair gets glow. Not only this, coconut oil also helps in reducing dandruff. In this way, coconut oil proves to be beneficial for the hair. Helps to reduce Not only this, but applying olive oil also makes hair silky and soft.

Mayonnaise actually contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Which help in keeping the scalp good. Not only this, but the amount of fatty acids and proteins is also high in it, which not only helps in hair growth but also conditioning the hair. Using mayonnaise reduces dandruff as well as removes many other hair problems like hair fall, breakage etc.

in honey The amount of protein is very high, which strengthens the hair and prevents them from breakage and fall. Therefore, honey should be applied in the hair, so that the hair is conditioned and at the same time all the problems related to hair go away.

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